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Nursing research indicates

"Only 23% of new nursing graduates who were successful on the NCLEX®-RN are clinically competent!"

• Since 2013 NCSBN has researched new TEIs (Technology Enhanced Item) types to better evaluate nursing judgment on NCLEX.
• These TEIs are scheduled for use by 2022.
• For new graduate success on NCLEX, nursing faculty must teach and test CNJ (Clinical Nursing Judgment) starting NOW!

It's all here in this NEW 4th Edition of Nursing Test Development for NCLEX®RN Success!

Our new FOURTH Edition with extensive updates and an innovative chapter on the NGN (Next Generation NCLEX®-RN ). This easy to read book provides directions on developing a test plan and writing nursing items that ensure NCLEX® success!

NEW 4th Edition - Nursing Test Development for NCLEX®RN Success!

Paperback edition - 87 pages

Nursing Education is an ever-changing science. Sometimes, not as quickly changing as may be needed. “TEST DEVELOPMENT AND ITEM WRITING: FOR NCLEX® SUCCESS – 4th EDITION” has been written to assist nursing faculty with an innovative way to evaluate their students through testing. Click below to learn more!

DIGITAL EDITION - Nursing Test Development for NCLEX®RN Success!

Digital edition - 87

A convenient downloadable PDF version of our Nursing Test Development for NCLEX®RN Success! is now available!

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THE CHEESE HAS MOVED! We create a customized program to assist you in developing new strategies that will increase NCLEX® pass rates, improve overall NCLEX® exam success and decrease the drop-out rates of your students.

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